Mad as a Box of Frogs
Ellie. 21. My life is a black hole of Marvel comics. Chris Evans is my sexual orientation.

“You may have the law on your side, but we have morality on ours and someday you’ll have to accept that” Registered & Protected

Outraged Chris Evans is the best Chris Evans.


being 20+ on tumblr



I wish my wallet came with free refills



I wonder how much “crime” is just people wanting food, healthcare and a place to sleep



616. The Hufflepuff dormitories have a secret room full of Marvel, every comic and movie. They all work to keep it up to date, but only Hufflepuffs know it exists. Hufflepuffs would randomly quote Marvel all the time and the rest of the school always get really confused. One instance was when a Hufflepuff was pushed down the stairs and in unison every Hufflepuff started to scream “You will be avenged! I will get the Avengers!” and scared the crap out of the person who pushed them.