Mad as a Box of Frogs

So My name's Ellie. I'm mad as a box of frogs, so this blog will most likely be as well. I'm 21 years old, old not young. I've never really been fully young, even though I may act like it at times. Someday, I'll either be an actress or write the scripts for movies. I'm a firm believer that Normality is vastly overrated. Live is too short not to enjoy every moment I've got left. Welcome to the madness, at least you'll never be bored ;D

“You may have the law on your side, but we have morality on ours and someday you’ll have to accept that” Registered & Protected

Random Southern-ism of the Day 

"They were slipperier than a greased gator on the hunt in the bayou."

Thank you Sherry :P